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Soil and Sand

At Nix Supply we stock key soil and sand materials needed to make your landscape design thrive. Whether you are looking for a topsoil, bedding soil or mason sand to complete your patio we've got you covered.


Sandy loam topsoil, outermost layer of soil, usually the top 2 inches that has the high levels of nutrients and microorganisms. Plants obtain their some of their nutrients from this layer.

Red Select

Red Select is a common red soil high in iron that creates the red tint. High compactable this soil is a great foundation and filling material.

Bedding Soil

Get your landscape started off on the right foot with an improved soil based. This soil mixture is a combination of compost and soil that can help revitalize your existing beds or used to create new gardens.

Organic Topsoil

Organic topsoil has the highest concentration of organic material and microorganisms, making it a necessary addition to the success of any landscape project.

Mason Sand

Mason sand is washed and screened to remove imperfections and is very fine. It is ideal for masonry applications and as filler for pavers and patio blocks.